I joined up with some fantastic documentary family photographers in a blog circle called "In These Moments."

The theme for this month is "Traditions". I was having a tough time thinking of a tradition of our family to photograph. I decided to use images from a "day in the life" session that I did of my daughter on her recent birthday. I wanted to photograph her throughout the day doing everyday things that she loves. There are so many things about each of my kids that I want to document so as not to ever forget. Children change so quickly and you never know when they will just stop doing something we adore.

In prepping the images for the post, I realized that these images show some of our traditions as well. We do many of the same things for each of our kids' birthdays - putting presents in the same place, letting them pick where to spend the day, choosing their favorite meal and I always make them their birthday cake.

I hope you enjoy a peek into our family's birthday traditions and a "day in the life" session with my daughter. I regret that I didn't make it into any of the images with her. (This only exemplifies my point when I posted about moms getting into the images with our kids. Read that post HERE.)

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I'd love to start doing "day in the life" sessions for families.

It's a great way to preserve a little piece of your family's everyday life and remember now.

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