Busy, busy, busy. Every mother I know, especially those with children under the age of 10, is busy.

We wear many different hats that range from taxi driver to chef to coach to ceo of our family. We can multitask and "do-it-all" (most of the time) and we are also able unplug to make time for quiet moments with our children.

One of our jobs is to document our child growing up. This can include taking pictures, filing away all their report cards and art projects, or even keeping a journal to help us remember everything. In all of our "remembering", we oftentimes, forget to include ourselves - especially in photos. Sometimes there just isn't another set of hands available to take a picture with us in it and sometimes we choose to stay out of the photos.  

The tender moments, as well as the everyday ones, between a mother and her child should be documented and remembered. When our children are grown, these images of our families in our younger days, will remain with us - and them. I know for me, they will be the most precious ones. 

Everything we do as mothers is important and should be remembered. From those very first days in the hospital to simply taking a minute to stop what we are doing to just be with them. Our children want to see us with them in their photos now and they will want them in the future, too. I treasure the pictures that I have from my childhood that include my mother. She may not think they are showing her best self, but for me they conjure up so many of my fondest memories. 

In-home documentary sessions with Laura Ann Photography are a great way to document mother and child moments at any age.

Mothers, just like fathers and children, can just relax and be themselves. Take a look at some of these documented moments of some amazing moms and their kids.



Let Laura Ann Photography help you remember now with your kids. Although based in the Cary and Raleigh, NC area, Laura is available for travel (for an additional fee). 

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