I was thrilled when this family contacted me to schedule a custom in-home family photography session in Apex, NC.

I have been photographing them for the past 9 years. One of the benefits of this job is that I get to see babies grow into toddlers, then preschoolers, school-age kiddos and beyond. It's amazing how much children change during those years. 

This session took place in their new home with a new addition - their excited dog, Lucy, who joined them this past year. They have a fairly busy schedule on Saturday mornings, but they like to make a hot breakfast and take their time getting out the door. I arrived early to be able capture the morning fun before their busy Saturday truly started. 

An in-home documentary session was the perfect session choice as it allowed them to preserve the here and now of their weekend mornings. I know that this mother feels that time is flying by and all they do is rush around from one thing to the next.  My hope is that she will look at these images and see that within that scheduled chaos, they are actually spending quality time together and having fun.

These images from a regularly scheduled Saturday morning are something that they will look back on and remember fondly.


Ever wonder what you would do for an in-home photography session? My reply, "Be yourselves."

There are so many things that families do that are perfectly fine for an in-home session. Playing board games, making cookies, playing in the yard, going for a walk together, grabbing Starbucks as a treat, etc. etc. etc. The activity isn't as important as just being together and taking the time to preserve the moments and the ages & stages of your changing family. 

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