A Fresh 48 photography session is a fantastic way to remember the first few days of your child's life with authentic, candid moments documented for a lifetime.

The first few days of a new baby's life are filled with so many new things for you and the baby - new love, new responsibilities, new equipment, new routines, new sleeping habits, etc. One way to take the pressure off of new parents is to pass on the photography to a professional. This way parents can be present with their new baby and the photos will be there for them when they come out of the baby "fog" that comes with little to no sleep.

Fresh 48 sessions typically take place in the hospital or birth center. The Fresh 48 session blogged here ended up taking place at the family's home. I'm thrilled that we were able to capture their child's newness and show how much love was felt for him through these images. He is one lucky little man! It is also very fun for me to be around families with new babies. It reminds me of those times with my babies (who are growing up too fast!) 

There are many reasons to schedule a Fresh 48 photography session for your newborn and family with Laura Ann Photography in those first few days of life. Here are a few:

1. Right after having a new baby, life is a blur of moments. So many things happen, so many people are in and out of your room, so many little checks of mom and baby by nurses and doctors, so many little diapers to change, so many feedings and you are somehow also supposed to get some rest! I've had three children and there are very few clear memories from their first few days of life. 

2. In those sleepless days and nights, your baby is so fresh and new. He smells new, his skin is soft and sometimes extra hairy, and his hair little head is warmed by a sweet hat (most likely hand knit by a hospital volunteer). What better way to document that than with real, candid moments captured with great photography (& not your smartphone - which you may not even be able to find amongst all that new baby stuff!) This "super" newness does not last long and should be photographed as soon as possible.

3. You need to be present in the images with your child. Scheduling a Fresh 48 gives you a reason or excuse to take a shower in the hospital (but you don't have to!). It gives you a reason to bring a nice nightgown to wear and to brush your hair (again, only if you want to!). If you have older children who are coming in to meet their new sibling, hiring a professional photographer allows both parents to be present with all of their children while they say their first "hellos". These are moments that you will all cherish as everyone ages.

Keep reading and scroll through to the end to read about a fourth reason to schedule your Fresh 48 with Laura Ann Photography.

4. The final product of your Fresh 48 session includes a beautiful, keepsake book that showcases your session images and also holds your usb drive with your custom slideshow and image files. The work is already done for you. You don't have to think about it at all. Many new (& seasoned) moms have grand plans to scrapbook or create digital books that will show off their images to their friends and families. Then, life happens, people get busy (& tired) and those images tend to sit unopened on desktops and usb drives. Let Laura do all the work for you and you will have the memories to last a lifetime!

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