I truly enjoy being a family photographer in Raleigh & Cary, NC and documenting my family as well as my clients.

Portraits are great to have and I also feel it is important to look at all aspects of an individual's personality to create a real "picture" of who they are.

In June, I decided to do a photo project documenting one person through an image a day. I called it "Month of You". I chose to photograph my son. I thought it was a great month to choose him to document since he was going to be turning 11 and finishing up elementary school. He did get a little (or maybe a lot) annoyed with me taking a picture a day of him. On some days I photographed something in the house or his room that was his or reminded me of him. These are the details pictures that are also important to include when documenting someone. There were a couple days that I actually missed my photo and I decided to give myself grace on those missed days.

Overall, I was so pleased with how this turned out. I was able to slow myself down during a very busy time to really think about what I wanted to remember about him. If you are interested in doing a project like this, my advice would be to think about the 5ws - like when you write a story. Who, What, When, Where, Why (& How). Use these questions to guide you when you are thinking about your person and the images will fall into place. :)

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